We assist those who seek a deeper level of knowing through Past Life Communication and Clearing; through Channelling, Cell Memory Activation, and energy work.

As you begin to unfold your past lives and cell memory, we are here to hold you on your journey with spiritual companionship.

Our mission:
to inspire humanity towards openness.

As we “open” ourselves to the gifts of the universe, we become aware of “receiving”. Upon recognizing the gift we’ve received, we immediately move to “gratitude.” As an expression of our gratitude, what is more natural than to want to give back … and so we move into “giving,” which provides us with the impetus to open up even more to the gifts of the universe, and thus, we are invited to experience the Circle of Giving, over and over again.

Dee Loecher
Kim Edward Adams

for those
seek …
Cell memory activation.

During a typical session, we will move to a state of higher vibration where past lifetimes may be revealed. Our purpose is to communicate with the personality in that past lifetime, which may explain and may eliminate one or more of your current life issues. These clearings may assist you spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Energy work.

Sessions will often include energy work with the physical and ethereal bodies using a variety of techniques and modalities, including Usui Reiki and Karuna® Reiki.


Speak with Native American “Grey Eagle” channeled through Kim Edward Adams in his native language, translated by Dee Loecher. Kim has received the gift of channeling in a variety of languages, and Dee is able to understand the messages received in many of the languages which come through. “Grey Eagle” shares messages of love and offers answers to questions for participants who may be seeking guidance in their lives.

Communication with Spirit.

Dee offers the gift of hearing, and speaking with loved ones on the “other side.”

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Dee Loecher
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